What is the 1-hour-value in surface disinfection?

The 1-hour-value indicates a concentration of an active ingredient that is required for sufficient surface disinfection in one-hour contact time.

Observing this value is particularly important in high-risk areas, near patient surfaces and visibly heavily contaminated surfaces. For effective surface disinfection, the German Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH e.V.) recommends dosing the working solution at least according to the concentration specifications for the one-hour value Remember that this does not mean that the area must remain excluded from use for one full hour. Since most microorganisms die off right at the beginning of the contact and are further inactivated during the drying time, the surface can be used as soon as it is dry. There are certain exceptions in which the specified contact times must be strictly observed (see the question: When or in which situations should the surface not be used or walked on until the contact time is over?).

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