What is meant by "humid working conditions"?

“Humid working conditions” is a term that refers to occupational health and safety. It applies to situations where employees spend a considerable part of their workday (more than 2 hours on a regular basis) carrying out physical tasks in a humid environment.

The term also applies when hands are frequently or intensively cleaned. Additionally, wearing moisture-proof protective gloves with occlusion effect (heat and fluid build-up) is part of it. Continuous work in humid conditions impairs the natural barrier of the skin and can lead to eczema. The employer is obliged to carry out a risk assessment and select sufficient protective measures in cooperation with the company doctor and the occupational safety specialist. This includes measures such as:

  • Switch between working in a humid and dry environment
  • Distributing the total amount of time spent in a humid environment among as many employees as possible
  • Reducing hand washing to a limited number of situations (before starting work, when visibly contaminated, etc.)
  • Regular skincare
  • Providing employees with cotton glove liners

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