Surface Disinfection

Recommendations on spray/wipe disinfection


Small and difficult-to-access surfaces are often underestimated as source of contamination and infection. Here, wipe disinfection is ideally complemented by a spray/wipe disinfection and spray disinfection, respectively1, 2, 3 with an alcohol-based rapid disinfectant.

To preclude any harm to health and, at the same time, ensure complete surface disinfection, the following points need to be considered:

  • apply product directly to a dry cloth or spray surfaces from a short distance. This largely excludes the risk of inhaling droplets or aerosols during spraying.
  • if possible, wipe surfaces or wipe them over after spraying, to ensure complete wetting.
  • only spray disinfect surfaces, when wipe disinfection is not possible.
  • alternatively, use an alcohol-based disinfection foam, as it does not develop droplets or aerosols.
  • for surfaces coming into contact with products, e.g. in food processing areas, always use alcohol-based preparations that contain no additives and dry without leaving residue.

Information on wipe disinfection in the glossary.

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2 German Trade Association regulation: “Disinfection in health care” (BGR 206). (German only).
3 Technical rules for hazardous substances (TRGS) 525: “Handling hazardous substances in facilities of human health care”. (German only).

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