Clean Hospitals Day 2022

The big picture: Hospitals as health environments

Ensuring comprehensive hygiene can prevent infections in patients 


CLEAN HOSPITALS DAY this year on 20 Oct. now focuses attention on one aspect that has often been neglected…

The international CLEAN HOSPITALS initiative was founded in 2018. Partners from science, industry, non-governmental organizations and government agencies work together in it. The goal is to increase hygiene in the hospital environment and improve the visibility of the hospital environment in patient care. CLEAN HOSPITALS is an independent source of information for both hygiene professionals and the public. The initiative conducts research on surface cleaning and produces training and certification programs and evidence-based recommendations.

The subject could not be more topical. More than one and a half years of experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic have clearly shown that prevention is an important health protection. After all, infections that do not occur at all save complicated therapy. This is especially true for pathogens against which no effective medications exist. And it is even more true in hospitals!

General concept for the clinical environment

Hygiene in hospitals is an essential building block in the overall strategy to prevent healthcare-associated infections (nosocomial infections), especially multimodal concepts. In addition to the very important hand hygiene, all other factors that have an influence on hygiene in health care facilities are also taken into account. These include, for example, surface hygiene, air purification, waste disposal or the reprocessing of medical devices. But uniform hygiene standards and evidence-based recommendations for action, including training for all staff, also play an important part in this kind of concept.

This year, as part of the Clean Hospitals Initiative, two "Digital Days" will be held for the first time, one on 20 October, the other on 7 December: These events for further education for healthcare professionals will offer not only expert lectures but also a virtual exhibition and enough space for questions and networking. For participants the lectures of both days will be available until the end of the year.

New DIN standard in Germany

Chances that the comprehensive approach to hospital hygiene advocated by the CLEAN HOSPITALS initiative will prevail are better than ever: In September, the new DIN standard 13063 was published in Germany. For the first time, it comprehensively regulates cleaning and disinfection in hospitals and defines the standards to which everyone should adhere in the future when it comes to disinfecting in hospitals.

Clinical infection prevention as a mission

HARTMANN supports the CLEAN HOSPITALS initiative as a participating partner. As a leading manufacturer of products for hand and surface disinfection, skin care and skin antisepsis, we are fully committed to the goal of infection prevention. "Our involvement in CLEAN HOSPITALS fits perfectly with our other activities," says Dr Heide Niesalla, Director of the HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER in Hamburg. "We are conducting research in many areas in order to make hospitals a safer place for patients and healthcare professionals."

With CLEAN HOSPITALS, HARTMANN is involved in the "Mapping Guidelines" working group and, together with partners, prepares position papers and recommendations for issues where existing guidelines are inconclusive. Within the working group "Transposable Model", we are involved in the development of an analysis tool for hospital hygiene.


Independently of CLEAN HOSPITALS, HARTMANN is promoting clinical infection prevention with its own new educational formats: As part of MISSION: INFECTION PREVENTION, which we launched in September 2020, we now have a podcast series and organise a number of events. The first episode of the podcast educates the public on nosocomial infections. The event series promotes further education and is aimed at professionals from clinics in German-speaking countries (DACH). The main topic of the first event ‒ entirely digital on 11 November! ‒ will be “Basic hygiene in motion - Approaches to infection prevention". The event is recognised as a certified further education course in Austria by ÖGKV PFP®. Speakers will present current studies and also give specific instructions for taking action. Registration is still possible at short notice!

More about the Clean Hospitals Initiative:


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