Scientific center of excellence for disinfection, hygiene and infection prevention

Since 2011, when we were still known as the BODE SCIENCE CENTER, our focus has been to make knowledge and measures for infection prevention accessible in a generally understandable way. Additionally, we develop evidence-based and practical solutions for better protection of patients and healthcare workers.

Our topics are the disinfection and cleaning of surfaces and hands, skin antisepsis and hygiene measures. We also address nosocomial infections, compliance barriers and the optimisation of hygiene-relevant processes for routine nursing and medical activities. A good example is the integration of hygiene aspects in standard processes (SOPs), which are used as a basis in the HARTMANN app My Hygiene SOP.

We support you in expanding your knowledge and integrating practice-relevant aspects of disinfection, hygiene and infection events into your everyday work.

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Knowledge Database

The A-to-Z database provides information on each pathogen, the most common infections that it triggers, its main transmission paths and recommendations on disinfection. In the glossary, you will find explanations of infection control terms. Search now!

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