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International Campaign Days

Campaign days are held annually to raise awareness of the special importance of cleaning and disinfecting hands and surfaces in the health sector and to draw attention to the consequences of sepsis or antibiotic resistance.

The campaign days were launched by initiators such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Global Sepsis Alliance (GSA), Global Handwashing Partnership, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), partners from science, industry, non-governmental organisations, government agencies, non-profit organisations, hospitals and companies with special expertise in the respective field. The campaign days, which have a different theme each year, aim to raise awareness, showcase preventive measures and establish global hygiene standards.

Find all information of selected campaign days here.

Knowledge Database

The A-to-Z database provides information on each pathogen, the most common infections that it triggers, its main transmission paths and recommendations on disinfection. In the glossary, you will find explanations of infection control terms. Search now!


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