Hygiene Knowledge

Hygiene Measures

To ensure patient protection, hygiene measures must be taken and consistently implemented by healthcare workers.

These measures are reflected, among other things, in standard precautions. Good standard precautionsforms the most reliable starting point for protection against nosocomial infections. Standard precautions include beside others surface disinfection, hand hygiene and the reprocessing of medical devices.

As soon as certain pathogens appear, measures must be initiated that go beyond standard precautions. The aim of pathogen-related hygiene measures is to contain and prevent infections. In order to make an assessment of which steps are necessary, a risk analysis is recommended in advance.

The appropriate protective measures must be maintained until staff and patients are no longer at risk.

Find out here about practical information on standard precautions pathogen-specific precautions.

Knowledge Database

The A-to-Z database provides information on each pathogen, the most common infections that it triggers, its main transmission paths and recommendations on disinfection. In the glossary, you will find explanations of infection control terms. Search now!


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