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Always up-to-date: With our pathogen search you will find all information on relevant pathogens as well as disinfection recommendations.

Our pathogen search provides you with compact background information on family, occurrence, the most common infections, main transmission routes, disinfection recommendations and, if applicable, the resistance behaviour of important pathogens.
The pathogen search is continuously updated with relevant pathogens and matched with the information from national and international bodies such as the Robert Koch-Institute in Germany (RKI), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organisation (WHO). This means that the database contains all pathogens prioritised by the RKI as well as the most relevant drug-resistant organisms according to the WHO list. Important for your practice: you will find the reference to the required spectrum of activity for disinfectants in the overview at first glance.

Use our pathogen search database now.

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