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Hygiene Knowledge: key information about hospital hygiene

Effective hygiene management is an essential component of infection prevention and patient protection. Hygiene management includes regular and professional disinfection measures such as hand and surface disinfection as well as other basic hygiene measures and extended hygiene measures. One of the most effective individual measures for interrupting infection chains and for the prophylaxis of nosocomial infections is indication-based hand disinfection. Surface hygiene, professional reprocessing of medical devices as well as barrier measures, the use of personal protective equipment and special pathogen-related measures for infection control are also essential. Read everything you need to know about the topic of hands and hygiene here:

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The A-to-Z database provides information on each pathogen, the most common infections that it triggers, its main transmission paths and recommendations on disinfection. In the glossary, you will find explanations of infection control terms. Search now!

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