Concentrate Calculator

To determine the share of concentrate when preparing ready-to-use solutions use our concentrate calculator. Simply enter the desired volume and concentration and the calculator automatically indicates the required amount of concentrate.

Step-by-step instructions

To use the concentrate calculator:

  1. select the desired concentration of your ready-to-use solution.
  2. select the desired total amount, of the ready-to-use solution you want to create.
  3. the calculator now shows how much concentrate (in milliliters or grams) is required.
  4. Please note: The intended amount of working solution is the sum of the concentrate portion and the water portion! Therefore calculate the proportion of water that you need for the total amount.

Calculation example:

1 liter of a 0.75% working solution is composed of 7.5 ml concentrate and 992.5 ml water.


For liquid concentrates, the specification applies in ml (milliliters).
For powders/granules, the specification applies in g (grams).

––.– ml or g

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