Hygiene Measures

Standard precautions in practice

Adherence to standard precautions is an essential component in the prevention of infections. Read here what measures are involved.

Standard precautions in practice

Proper standard precautions in infection prevention and control are the most reliable starting points for protection against healthcare-associated infections. In addition to hand hygiene, surface disinfection and cleaning, it also includes medical device preparation or barrier measures such as the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). These measures must always be carried out for all infection-relevant activities and must be part of every hygiene plan. In this section, you will find practical tips from experts in the fields of medical practice management and hygiene, for example on the topics of organisation and quality management.

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Knowledge Database

The A-to-Z database provides information on each pathogen, the most common infections that it triggers, its main transmission paths and recommendations on disinfection. In the glossary, you will find explanations of infection control terms. Search now!


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