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Expanded and newly designed IHO disinfectant list online


Since June 2020, hygiene specialists and other interested parties have been able to download the newly designed and more comprehensive IHO list of disinfectants published by the German Industrial Association for Hygiene and Surface Protection (IHO), free of charge and accessible for all.

Focus on user friendliness

The list, which has been published since 2008, is the most comprehensive summary of effective disinfectants in Europe. It has now been thoroughly revised and includes the entire spectrum of activity of disinfectants (bactericidal, yeasticidal, mycobactericidal, virucidal, sporicidal, etc.) with particular attention paid to user friendliness. Users can now click separately on the different professional areas of application - Healthcare (includes surface disinfection with and without mechanical action as well as manual and automated instrument disinfection), hand disinfection, laundry disinfection, food hygiene / public / industrial areas and animal hygiene where they can access a clear list of products. By using the practical filter options, users can easily select disinfectant, manufacturer, active substance groups and application areas as well as the required spectrum of activity. The complete table as well as a user’s specific selection of products can be downloaded as a PDF file.

European standards have removed country-specific differences

For all the products listed, only European standards (EN) apply in the course of harmonisation. This means that specific national requirements are no longer relevant, leading to standardisation of the products. Only products that are listed in the animal health section with proof of efficacy against parasites are an exception. These products are evaluated on the basis of the German Veterinary Medical Society (DVG) guidelines because no EN test standards are available for this area yet. The IHO also provides additional quality assurance using a two-step review program.

Benefits at a glance

The new IHO list of disinfectants is up to date, comprehensive and based on harmonised European standards. Unlike the previous version, which only included virucidal activity, the list now covers all activities. Thanks to the revised list, users no longer have to search in different locations, but with just a few clicks they can view a comprehensive and clear list of products.

More interesting details about the list of disinfectants can be found in the interview with Ms Anna-Sophia Neitmann, the IHO Public Relations Manager.

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