RKI list

Issued by the RKI. List of disinfectants and disinfection procedures used for officially ordered decontaminations in accordance with Art. 18 IfSG. All disinfectants and disinfection procedures included in this list were tested for their efficacy by the Robert Koch-Institute (RKI) and for their safety with respect to human health and the environment by the German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA).

There are substantial differences between the disinfectants list of the RKI and the disinfectants list of the VAH in terms of test requirements, concentrations specified for practical use and exposure time, especially for surface and instrument disinfection.

For testing and evaluating these products' use solutions, the tests are carried out with pathogenic blood to simulate dirty conditions. In addition, due to their high resistance, mycobacteria are considered the benchmark for a listing for efficacy area A (bacteria, fungi). Hence, the RKI list stipulates higher concentrations and/or exposure times for many groups of active substances.

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