Virucidal activity

Efficacy against viruses.

For proving virucidal efficacy, standards require in vitro tests (quantitative suspension tests; in the EN referred to as phase 2/step 1, e.g. according to EN 14476).

Test viruses for the virucidal spectrum of activity:
Poliovirus type 1, adenovirus type 5

In Germany, the guidelines of DVV* and RKI** (in deviation from EN 14476) demand additional proof of efficacy against polyomavirus SV40 and the Elstree strain of vaccinia virus.

Note about chemothermal disinfection procedures

For chemothermal disinfection procedures, European and German standards require efficacy against the nonenveloped parvovirus B19 as proof of virucidal efficacy.

Where applicable and depending on the application area (e.g. instruments, surfaces, etc.), there are practicable test methods available as well (in the EN referred to as phase 2/step 2).

* German Association for the Control of Virus Diseases
** Robert Koch-Institute

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