Pathogen-specific Hygiene Measures

Calendar of the spread of relevant pathogens


It is common knowledge that the risk of catching a cold or flu increases during the winter months, but what about other pathogens? And is there for example a peak season for measles?

Based on data from recent years, the HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER has compiled a calendar that shows for each month a pathogen with particularly high prevalence. In addition, there is an attractive presentation of the pathogen of the month and some facts listed, such as typical symptoms or the required spectrum of activity.

Simply download, print, and enjoy the calendar.

Pathogen of the month

June 2023

Learn more about Campylobacter

Past months

May 2023

Learn more about Hantaviruses

April 2023

Learn more about Rotaviruses

March 2023

Learn more about measles viruses

February 2023

Learn more about the influenza virus and seasonal flu

January 2023

Learn more about Sarcoptes scabiei

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