Why is it important to ensure that wipes in dispenser systems are compatible with a disinfecting agent?

Studies have shown that certain wipe fabrics that are often used for surface disinfection have a high rate of quaternary ammonium compounds (QAV) adsorption1. As a result, these wipes prevent the active ingredient in the disinfectant from being able to disinfect the surface adequately.

A recent study shows that the loss of active ingredients can be as high as 60 %1. This poses a threat of insufficient surface disinfection within the specified contact time and, consequently, increases the risk of infection. Please remember to only use wipes that have been proven not to adsorb QAV-based disinfectants.

1 Bloß; R et al. (2010) Adsorption of active ingredients of surface disinfectants depends on the type of fabric used for surface treatment. J Hosp Infect 75:56-61.

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