Does a hospital patient have to be isolated and the appropriate hygiene measures initiated as soon as tuberculosis is suspected?

The working group "Hospital & Practice Hygiene" of the Association of the Scientific Medical Societies (AWMF) recommends the following procedure in case of suspected tuberculosis (TB).

  • The staff needs to wear a multi-layered face mask.
  • The patient needs to be instructed not to cough directly at anyone and to cover their mouth and nose with a cloth when coughing.
  • Rapid diagnostic clarification
  • Thorough room ventilation
  • Wipe disinfection of potentially contaminated surfaces

AWMF (2006) Infektionsverhütung bei Verdacht auf und bei diagnostizierter Tuberkulose (Tb). Hyg Med, 31 (3): 103-105. (Guideline currently under review.)

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