List for virucidal products (IHO)

List of virucidal disinfectants, issued by the German Industrial Association for Hygiene and Surface Protection (IHO). Contains a summary of virucidal hand and surface disinfectants and of products for manual and automated instrument disinfection. The information is based on tests in accordance with nationally and internationally accepted standards and guidelines.

The list provides an overview of the virucidal activity of products, ranging from Virucidal activity, Virucidal activity against enveloped viruses to expert opinions for individual viruses, e.g. rotavirus and adenovirus. Available for free download at


German: Industrieverband Hygiene und Oberflächenschutz für industrielle und institutionelle Anwendung e.V.

German Industrial Association for Hygiene and Surface Protection. Trade association for manufacturers of professional wash, cleaning, cleansing, disinfection agents and surfactants. On its website, the IHO issues a list of virus-inactivating hand, instrument and surface disinfectants (IHO list for virucidal products at

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