from Kampf G, Reise G, James C, Gittelbauer K, Gosch J, Alpers B 2013
published in GMS Hygiene and Infection Control; Vol. 8(2)
DOI 10.3205/dgkh000218

Improving patient safety during insertion of peripheral venous catheters: an observational intervention study.

Training, feedback, and the implementation of SOPs can increase the compliance with hygiene critical steps in complex processes.

A multimodal intervention to improve patient safety during peripheral venous catheter insertion, based on the implementation of standard operating procedures (SOP) supported by teaching sessions, dummy training, e-learning, posters, and direct feedback improved compliance significantly. Compliance for four out of five hygiene relevant steps increased significantly (e.g. before patient contact from 12% to 58%). Healthcare workers regarded the implementation of an optimal procedure as helpful.

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