from Kampf G, Sammann A, Pitten FA, Christiansen B, Heeg P, Nowak N 2014
published in GMS Hyg Infect Control 7;9(1):Doc10
DOI 10.3205/dgkh000230

Efficacy of two iso-propanol-based skin antiseptics applied to human skin with many sebaceous glands for 2 and 10 minutes.

Propanol-based skin antiseptics were effective on skin rich in sebaceous glands in 2 minutes. The shorter exposure time increases efficiency in clinical practice.

The study examined the efficacy of two skin antiseptics based on iso-propanol (63 % wt/wt) applied for 10 and 2 minutes on skin rich in sebaceous glands. The reference treatment was the application of 70% isopropanol for 10 minutes on the forehead. Swab samples were taken before and after application, and bacterial colony counts were measured. Skin antiseptic A, when applied for 10 minutes, showed equal efficacy to the reference treatment. When applied for 2 minutes, it remained equally effective immediately after application and after 30 minutes. Skin antiseptic B also demonstrated comparable efficacy at both application times.

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