from Manoukian S, Stewart S, Graves N, Mason H, Robertson C, Kennedy S, Pan J, Haahr L, Dancer SJ, Cook B, Reilly J 2021
published in J Hosp Infect 114: P51-58
DOI 10.1016/j.jhin.2020.12.026

Evaluating the post-discharge cost of healthcare-associated infection in NHS Scotland.

HAI patient post-discharge extra costs amount to £1,457 in the 90 days post discharge, mostly due to readmissions.

Based on data collected in the Evaluation of Cost of Nosocomial Infections (ECONI) study. In the 90-day post-discharge period HAI generate additional costs of about £1,457 per patient. These costs are mostly due to readmissions and increased antibiotic consumption. The overall costs for the NHS Scotland amount to £10,832,437 per year.

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