from Rodriguez V, Giuffre C, Villa S, Almada G, Prasopa-Plaizier N, Gogna M, Gibbons L, GarcĂ­a Elorrio E 2015
published in International Journal for Quality in Health Care 27(5): 405-411
DOI 10.1093/intqhc/mzv065

A multimodal intervention to improve hand hygiene in ICUs in Buenos Aires, Argentina: a stepped wedge trial.

A multimodal intervention increased hand hygiene compliance to 76% in comparison to 66% in the control group.

Through a multimodal intervention hand hygiene compliance on intervention wards was improved to 75.6% in comparison to 66.0% in the control group. All involved wards were intensive care units from 11 hospitals of Buenos Aires. The interventions were:

I: signed letter of commitment of directors and team leaders;

II: improved availability of hand rubs through rapid re-supply;
III: reminders for hand hygiene placed at entrances of patient rooms and common areas;
IV: storyboards with letters of commitment, performance indicators, and photos of the healthcare team;
V: monthly performance feedback

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