from Sax et al. 2010
published in J Hosp Infect 67(1):9-21
DOI 10.1016/j.jhin.2007.06.004

My five moments for hand hygiene': a user-centred design approach to understand, train, monitor and report hand hygiene

The "5 moments" model is a solid and effective basis to understand, properly perform, teach, monitor and assess hand hygiene practices

In this study a user-centred approach was designed, which combined the results of the evidence-based risk analysis of healthcare-associated infections and spread of multi-resistant microorganisms with research results from science, ergonomics, motivation research, social marketing and communication science. In this model, the risks of pathogen transmission centre on a two-zone concept: the patient zone, comprising the immediate patient surroundings, and the healthcare zone, which goes beyond the patient zone. The scientists standardised five opportunities and defined them as “5 Moments for Hand Disinfection”, dividing the fundamental indications of hand disinfection into five indication groups (1. BEFORE touching a patient 2. BEFORE aseptic procedures 3. AFTER body fluid exposure risk 4. AFTER touching a patient 5. AFTER touching patient surroundings). The model bridges the gap between scientific evidence for hand hygiene and its practical implementation.