from Schweins et al. 2015
published in Hygiene & Medizin 4:144-149

Einflussfaktoren auf die Flächenleistung wirkstoffgetränkter Einmal-Wischtücher zur Reinigung und Desinfektion im medizinischen Bereich

The area output is the sum of different wipe properties: active ingredient, wipe material, absolute liquid content and wipe size, so according to this alcohol-based and alcohol-free wipes made of polyester fleece and with a high liquid content have the highest area output

In this study the area output of commercially available pre-saturated single-use wipes for surface disinfection was determined. six alcohol-based and seven alcohol-free single-use wipes were each used by two persons for three days. The test area consisted of three tables separated into identical sections (six fields). The study participants folded the wipe once to wipe a centre row and then, in circling movements, the remaining surface. As soon as the wipe could not wet the test area any more, the reach was measured and calculated. Additionally, the wipes’ materials were determined and their size measured (folded once = wipe size) and the saturation volume was determined. The area outputs of the alcohol-based disposable wipes was between 0.16 and 0.83 m2. Wipes with a similar wipe size partly yielded area outputs that differed greatly. The reach of single-use wipes made of similar materials increased with grammage and saturation volume. A wipe made of polyester fibres had a higher area output (0.52 m2) than a wipe based on cellulose (0.29 m2). The alcohol-free wipes achieved an area output that is approx. 70 % higher than the one achieved by alcohol-based wipes. Their reach was between 0.12 m2 und 1.64 m2.