from Guest et al. 2019
published in BMJ Open; 9: e029971
DOI 10.1136/bmjopen-2019-029971

Modelling the costs and consequences of reducing healthcare-associated infections by improving hand hygiene in an average hospital in England

A reduction of HAIs leads to cost savings in the healthcare system

This modelling study was created to calculate the potential clinical and economic impact of reducing the incidence of HAIs by improving hand hygiene compliance with an electronic audit and feedback system among front-line HCPs in a hypothetical general hospital in England. An electronic audit and feedback system leading to a reduction in HAI incidence by at least 15%, would afford the NHS a cost-effective intervention. 552 HAIs could be avoided per year per hospital. The number of deaths avoided due to HAIs could be 19 per year per hospital. Total hospital costs per annum attributable to HAIs could be reduced by 13%.