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By accessing and browsing this website, you indicate your full acceptance of the conditions of use of the website without reservation. Please note that these conditions of use of the website may change at any time when this page is updated. Whenever you visit our site, please look at this page first, so that you are informed of the current conditions of use of the website.

BODE Chemie GmbH hereby draws attention to the fact that any infringement of the website’s conditions of use, or any violation of protection rights, may have legal consequences under the German civil and/or penal codes.

1. Legal Protection
The current contents of the Internet presence of BODE Chemie GmbH are protected under copyright law. All rights reserved.
Any utilisation of the texts, pictures, diagrams, drawings, and/or audio or video files, either in full or in part, without consent in writing from BODE Chemie GmbH constitutes an infringement of the laws of copyright and therefore is a punishable offence. This applies in particular to multiple copying, translation or utilisation in electronic systems. The contents include registered trademarks, trade names and common names. Even where these are not indicated as such, the corresponding protection still applies.

2. Exclusion of Liability
The recommendations regarding our preparations are based on scientific tests and are given in good faith. More detailed recommendations, e.g. regarding material compatibility, are only possible in particular cases. Our recommendations are without obligation and do not constitute a warranty. They do not preclude a company’s own testing for the intended purposes and processes. In this respect BODE Chemie GmbH cannot accept any liability. This complies with our general conditions of sale and supply. The information on our website has been put together with utmost care. However, we cannot guarantee either its completeness or its accuracy. BODE Chemie GmbH accepts no liability for errors in the contents of its website(s).
The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. It cannot replace medical or other expert advice. BODE Chemie GmbH accepts no liability for any actions undertaken based upon this website.
Users using the website and downloading data do so entirely at their own risk. BODE Chemie GmbH accepts no liability for any loss or damage resulting from such actions, in particular damage to data or to the hardware or software of the user.
Any messages or other material sent via e-mail or in any other form to the website will not be treated as confidential by BODE Chemie GmbH. By sending such material, the sender relinquishes all rights to it, including rights concerning copying, publicising, transfer, publishing, reproduction, availability and re-use, to BODE Chemie GmbH or its subsidiaries.

3. Important note concerning all links
The decision of the Hamburg Landgericht (District Court) on 12 May 1998 (312 O 85/98 - "Haftung für Links" [Liability for Links]) has the consequence that when one installs a hyperlink, one automatically has responsibility for the contents of the linked web page. According to the Landgericht, this can only be prevented by expressly distancing oneself from such contents. BODE Chemie GmbH hereby distances itself expressly from all contents of all linked web pages and takes no responsibility for them. This declaration applies to all hyperlinks on the website of BODE Chemie GmbH.

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